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15 globe custom installation in 3 storey atrium

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Crystal flush chandelier in custom recessed dome creates depth

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Globes with internal chandelier and scrolled ironwork with antiqued bronze finish

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Art nouveau style wall sconce in mixed metals

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Unusual desk lamp in chrome with twisted stem

Lighting – the facts

  • All rooms need different kinds of lighting
  • Often the least considered and the most important
  • Needs to be considered before you decorate or put down floor-coverings.
  • Bad lighting can detract from any scheme
  • Good lighting can enhance any scheme and create a great atmosphere


Every room can benefit from a variety of lighting:

Ambient or general lighting, specifically lighting for close-up work or spot lighting to highlight a special feature.

Think about a lighting scheme before you start to decorate a room. For example, if you place side tables and sofas in the centre of a room, you may need sockets in the floor to avoid unsighly wires crossing a space.

Consider what the room is used for.

It may need to be multi purpose – a study during the day and an entertaining area at night.

Spotlights have been used extensively in recent times but in lounge areas can look somewhat like an airport runway or a fast food restaurant!  If you use downlighters, make sure they are on a dimmer and can be turned right down to make a relaxing evening light.

Wall lights could be used with downlighters to add decoration to the room and give the room a different feel when they are used on their own.

Spotlights at floor level are most useful.  When placed behind a plant create shadows on walls and ceiling giving the room a magical atmosphere as well as lighting up a large sculpture of piece of art. Especially useful in the corners where you would not normally have light.

A dining room is where you can have some fun.

As this is generally a room for entertaining, decorative largerlights can be used with great effect. Tiny light bulbs and leds can make the room sparkle and set the scene for any occasion. Dimmer switches are a must in this room as the lighting needs to be sparkling yet subtle. Walllights are a great way of adding atmosphere and decoration to the room, especially when used with mirrors.

Bathrooms tend to have downlighters which give the needed light

but also useful is low level lighting, perhaps blue, to give a soft glow at night avoiding the need to switch the bright lights on.  Mirrors also need to be well lit above or either side as used for shaving and make up. Strip LED lighting can be very effective on glass shelves to display any decorative objects and soften the clinical look that comes with hard surfaces.

Hallways – these can be tricky areas to light as they have lots of doors and angles.

One way to enhance space in the hall is with the use of picture lights as they direct attention away from the structure and on to works of art, also giving a soft glow.  Used with well placed wall lights they decorate a space that is constantly used by everyone, in fact this is a space used more than any room in the house!

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