Childrens room in Harlequin wallpaper hung horizontally for naval effect

Custom marine theme mural to resemble porthole

2nd porthole design - ask about custom murals and paint effects

Closeup of blackout roman blind in Swaffer applique fabric and corduroy border

Design Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

A kids’ bedroom is a place where childhood memories begin.  A place for the imagination to run free, where games are played and friends are made.  So much more than a place to sleep, a kid’s bedroom is also a playroom, a den and study – and dorm for sleepovers!

With a little planning it can be a room that grows with them and is looked back upon with fondness.

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The Interior Workshop’s top 10 tips for giving kids a bedroom they will love

1. Get creative with colour – a kids bedroom should be lively and inspirational

2. Stick to neutral furniture – kids’ tastes can change more quickly than your furniture needs to

3. Choose furniture that grows with your kids – full-length beds and full-size cupboards should see them through to their teens

4. Floor space is always well used in a kid’s bedroom – a raised bed or bunk is a great way to keep floors free for play

5. Keep toys under control with built-in cupboards where possible.  Create additional storage space with cubes, shelves and stacking boxes.

6. Creating a nursery is a joy, but don’t forget that safety is crucial, so make sure you are aware of the latest safety recommendations before starting to decorate.

7. A teenage bedroom may also need to be a place to do homework – incorporating a comfortable desk and good lighting will help to create a good study environment

8. When choosing a kids’ wallpaper, look out for patterns that will disguise the tell-tale scuffs and signs of boisterous activity

9. Murals can be great fun although expensive, consider colourful nursery wall stickers instead

10. Girls’ bedroom ideas needn’t start with pink and purple, nor boys’ bedroom ideas blue.  Yellows and greens can be a great basis for a fun and colourful bedroom.

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