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 Where do I start with my garden?

Even though landscape and patio space is often overlooked, outdoor renovations and designs can make a tremendous impact on the whole atmosphere of a home.  Outdoor space can inspire and make an unforgettable impression. Because such dramatic changes can be costly, it’s important to carefully consider your options before starting your project.

Decide on the importance and function of all key areas. You may need a play area in sight of the house and most certainly an outside eating area for entertaining. Research materials and landscaping which are appropriate for what you need to achieve.

What do I plant?

Look around your immediate area.  Choose plants and shrubs that are thriving in your neighbours gardens as you will almost certainly have the same kind of soil.  It may be worth investing in a soil testing kit to see what kind of soil you have and which plants like it.

There is an old saying ‘ a penny on the plant a pound on the planting’ meaning that inexpensive plants that thrive are more desirable than beautiful costly specimens that do badly in the wrong soil!

Consider maintenance as well. If you have the time and energy to work outdoors every weekend, a flower or vegetable garden would be a worthy investment. If you don’t have the time to spend, a water feature would make a great focal point and require very little work.

Finally, think about what works for your family. Some plants and flowers are poisonous for pets, and children should have plenty of grass to run around and play with friends. Your garden should act as another outdoor room, so plan it that way.

What can I do with my patio?

During the summer, your outdoor space is important for entertaining; When the weather is good most people want to be outside. There are many very versatile barbeques around that need to be in a practical area close to where you have your garden furniture.  There are many types of outdoor garden furniture around such as rattan, water hyacinth, wicker and wrought iron.

Outdoor sofas will require cushions that can be kept in a waterproof ottoman.  If you live in a windy area, wrought iron, cast iron or cast aluminium furniture would be best as would be more stable in a high wind. Cast iron gazebos and summerhouses can be a lovely feature in larger gardens.

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