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Double a space with carefully placed mirrors

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Contemporary mirror with black glass border

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Baroque-style mirror frames with antique gilded finish - custom sizes

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Large mirror in bedroom setting - add space and light

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Modern mirror used to transform narrow corridor

Mirrors can be both practical and stylish and an absolute must in any scheme.

A large mirror has totally transforms any room in an instant. Mirrors reflect the light and decor of a room creating an increased feeling of space and well being.

  • Adds a sense of light and space to any room
  • Reflect light and bounce it into dark corners
  • Reduce the need to use artificial lighting during the day
  • Can alter the shape of a room and create illusions
  • Great investment as they can move with you and never wear out
  • Practical – can be used to check your appearance!

Whether you are looking for a large mirror for the living room or a full-length mirror for the bedroom or a simple vanity mirror in the bathroom we can help with great ideas.

We work with a wide range of mirror suppliers and so will have a great selection of mirrors for you to choose from. The Interior Workshop also has a wide price range for mirrors depending on the combination of size, design, and purpose. We work with bespoke mirror manufacturers in Europe and specialize in very large mirrors.

We can also arrange for the mirror to be professionally fitted anywhere in London, Kent or Surrey. Large mirrors can be heavy and difficult to fit so having them professionally fitted safely and securely is a worthwhile investment for a beautiful mirror that will add style to your home for many years. Fitting a large mirror on a stairway or in an awkward space can be tricky, so why not let our team do the heavy lifting!

Our clients appreciate that mirrors are an integral part of a well planned scheme.

While you might not be looking to make your home the next Hall of Mirrors, adding a few mirrors makes a big difference to the overall ambience of your space.

Here at The Interior Workshop we supply and fit mirrors which are simple and sophisticated, beveled edge, antique brass or even mirrors that look like windows.

Mirrors are a product that can be used in every single room in the house; bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and even halls. The obvious statement a mirror makes means that it is vital that you have expert help to choose the most suitable style, size and optimal positioning.

We can help you choose the best mirrors for you

Location location location applies. If it’s purely decorative, the frame will be the most important factor. However, if it’s going in the bathroom the frame must withstand moisture and regular cleaning. A mirror is a great opportunity to add style to your home so why not be adventurous and invest in some whimsical chic. We’re here to help you make those important decisions.

Contact us now to discuss all things mirror either at our shop in Woldingham or at your home or place of work.