Living Room

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Bespoke dining chairs and custom sideboard and mirrors for curved wall

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Contemporary corner sofa with iconic Noguchi table and accessories

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Casual open plan area with contemporary glass and lacquer sideboard

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Classic upholstered chair available in wide range of fabrics

Living Room Inspiration

The Interior Workshop specialises in transforming your living space into somewhere really special.

We understand that inspired interior design for living rooms is really important. Think how much of your time is spent in your living room and consider how much you ask of the space – it’s a place to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day, but also a space for socialising and entertaining. In some homes, it’s where families congregate and spend time with each other, in others it’s a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Our designers at the Interior Workshop have produced hundreds of inspirational living room designs in homes large and small.

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10 tips for a successful living room makeover

1. Keep your family’s needs in mind. What do you use your living room for? What activities will it need to accommodate? How you answer these questions will affect your living room layout.
2. Consider what will be the focal point of your living room. For example, a television or entertainment hub, your favourite painting or a fireplace? When that is decided, you can plan the space accordingly.
3. Think about how much light your room gets. The natural light and aspect of a living room can easily change the colours you choose on walls and furnishings.
4. Choose your living room colour scheme with care. Neutrals are classic and will never go out of style, but if you want to introduce bold fashion colours, consider using them on walls and in living room accessories, rather than on costly items such as furniture and curtains.
5. Take time to discover what your personal living room style is. A shabby chic living room may be fashionable, but if your living room is well used, after a while, it could just look shabby! Consider what décor themes and colour schemes work well with your lifestyle.
6. Living room lighting is not just about electricity. Strategically placed mirrors can greatly change the way natural and artificial light affect a living room. Alwasys bear in mind what will be reflected in the mirrors.
7. Small living rooms can be beautiful. Don’t be put off by small or awkward spaces. With careful thought and planning they can be transformed.
8. Living room storage doesn’t need to be ugly. We all need room for storage and a well-designed cupboard or bookshelf can become an integral part of your living room décor.
9. How will you heat your room? A living room radiator needn’t be an eyesore, but be careful to position it where it will be most energy efficient, without taking up valuable wall space.
10. Take time to consider your living room accessories – a well-chosen rug, a striking floor lamp or a painting especially chosen for the room are the personal touches that will make it feel like home.

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