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American style kitchen in contemporary grey gloss finishes

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Dining area at Point160 showflat, Beckenham

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Breakfast bar and open plan kitchen in showflat Beckenham

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Classic minimal kitchen - ask about full service kitchen planning

Kitchen Design Ideas

For many households, the kitchen is the very heart of the home.  Not only is it a place to cook, but it’s also somewhere to enjoy family meals and even relaxed dinner parties.  The kitchen may well be a weeknight living room, where homework gets done, the evening paper is read and a glass of wine is enjoyed at the end of the working day. No wonder kitchen remodelling is more popular than ever!

With so many requirements from a modern kitchen, it’s hardly surprising that a kitchen makeover is high on so many homeowners’ to-do lists.  If you are searching for inspiration, The Interior Workshop is never short of ideas.

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Kathryn Woodham, Design Director at The Interior Workshop has been creating dream kitchens in houses large and small for over 20 years.  An expert in kitchen design and layout her speciality is creating kitchen designs that stand the test of time.  Here she answers your most frequently asked questions.

Q. I have a small and narrow kitchen, how can I create a feeling of space?

Kathryn suggests: galley kitchens can be both imaginative and attractive, so don’t feel overly constrained if space is limited – you can still create a designer kitchen look.  Small kitchen design is all about thinking vertically and making the best use of wall space as well as floor space.  It’s worth investing in clever, space-saving cupboard fittings and clever kitchen accessories.

Q. My kitchen is reasonably sized, and I still run out of room to store everything.  Any suggestions for creating more storage space in my next kitchen?

Kathryn suggests: before I start any kitchen remodelling, I always ask clients to have a thorough evaluation of what’s in their kitchen cupboards and what they need on a day to day basis.  It is possible to reduce the amount of items we store in our kitchen cupboards with a bit of planning and forethought.

Once I know what needs to be stored, I really try to make the storage space work, introducing cabinets in kitchen islands and incorporating hidden storage, shelving and rack if necessary.  Clutter-free countertops are always easier on the eye, so unless an appliance is a style statement, I endeavour to ensure that kitchen units have plenty of room for storage, and small electrical items are tucked away behind doors.

Q. I live in a fairly ordinary 1930s house with a conventionally sized kitchen– how do I make my kitchen stand out to a purchaser?

Kathryn suggests: Most 1930’s houses had small kitchens next to a dining room. The space is often greatly enhanced by taking down the wall between to make a more relaxed and sociable area incorporating perhaps a small bar and stools as well as an informal dining table. Layout and storage options can be fairly standard in most kitchens,  so the best way to make yours stand out is by using interesting materials.  If your budget stretches to granite, wood or marble worktops, they are well worth choosing as they are always in demand, as well as surfaces  like Corian ®, limestone or stainless steel.  Mix up your cabinetry to create a less uniform look, adding the odd glazed or painted kitchen cupboard door.  And why not choose an eye-catching colour for kitchen tile accents or kitchen floor?

Q. I am keen to invest in a new kitchen but don’t want it to go out of fashion too quickly.  How can I make my new kitchen stand the test of time?

Kathryn suggests: well-designed kitchens that make good use of space are always appreciated, even if they are not brand new, so start by ensuring your kitchen layout provides plenty of cabinet and worktop space.  Kitchen dining is not a fad, it’s a fact of life now, so try to introduce a breakfast bar or kitchen island that can be used for meals.

Also, remember that fashion colours and finishes tend to date more quickly than a classic cream, white or wood kitchen colour scheme.  If you want to introduce a statement colour, consider introducing it with a kitchen wallpaper or kitchen paint that can be more easily changed as trends move on. Mixing some painted with some wood works well or for a more contemporary look try using two gloss colours with pull out drawers in stainless steel.

Q.  Where do I start?

Kathryn suggests:  Begin by determining what you use the kitchen for.  Do you have to consider safety aspects regarding young children or perhaps you have animals and at least the lower cabinets have to be resistant to scratching.  Next decide on what kind of floor to use as this will determine the style of the units. Is it to be purely for cooking or does it need to accommodate a social area for guests? It is always better to consider these things before you start to save time and money later.

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