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Thousands of curtain fabrics to discover

Large range of tiebacks in all styles

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Choosing Curtain Fabrics

Fabrics for window treatments need to be carefully considered as curtains are a costly item when they are made properly. Choosing the correct weight, texture, light-blocking or light-exposing qualities, and the fabric’s durability need to be thought through.  Some of the costliest fabrics are the least durable!

The effects of sunlight over time

The  sun can damage all fabrics, but silks are especially prone to sun rot. Also the aspect of the room is important when making your decision.  If the sun is constantly on the fabric, most will fade or rot over time.  It is often a good idea in those situations to fit neutral voile roller blinds to diffuse the sun and protect not only curtains, but also carpets and furniture.

Thermal linings

are useful to keep in the warm if you have draughty windows or a North aspect and interlining always makes a huge difference both to the warmth and the drapery of fabrics.

For a more contemporary look panels can be used. Don’t forget, all window treatments can be designed to maximise and conserve available natural light in the room.


The market in blinds has greatly expanded in recent years to include Romans, verticals, venetian blinds and of course plantation shutters. There seem to be blinds to cover every conceivable situation from voiles to dual purpose to total blackout

Simulated wood or metal venetian blinds are great for a bathroom that needs privacy but still needs natural light. Consider what you want them to do from the following list:

  • Daytime privacy keeping the light
  • Nighttime privacy
  • Blackout
  • Just window dressing
  • Childproof
  • Attractive from the outside
  • Complementing curtains
  • Preventing sun damage
  • Outside blinds and awnings for shade

Should I go for a pole, pelmet or just a plain covered rail?

This will depend greatly on the shape and configuration of the window and the best treatment is one that would be conducive to what you have to work with.  Trying to fit something you like in an unsuitable place will not work and for difficult windows it is always better to seek advice.

There is a wonderful selection of poles and pelmets to choose from including metal, glass, wood and perspex.  Covered fascias are very simple and contemporary and hide the mechanics of rails simply and without fuss.

We would be happy to discuss in detail the many different window treatments available and what would best suit your space.

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