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Karndean flooring can look better and be more suitable than wood

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Twist pile carpet range most popular 80% wool blend

Flooring plays a huge part in decision making as it will affect choices on everything else.

Lifestyle very much affects what you should choose in every area of the house.  Pets, children and sometimes inconsiderate members of the family can impact greatly on how the floors will look!

The following pointers should be thought about before you go ahead.

Kitchen and bathroom

Areas of very heavy wear in most homes. Amtico and Karndean are a good choice if you need the floor to be forgiving and warmer than ceramic.  Porcelain wrapped ceramic avoids staining that will occur in limestone and other porous surfaces such as marble. A recent trend is polished concrete – this can look very effective in large areas and very practical. Non slip treatments are available if the tiles are polished to avoid accidents on wet floors.

Wood can be used in a kitchen although care has to be taken as it will swell if in contact with water for any length of time.  A great alternative is wood grained ceramic. There are many types of this tile and it can be blended to work with wooden floors on the ground floor. Levels need to be considered with regard to the thresholds to another room.


Trends now are for light neutral colours.  This is the area where you can have a little luxury as in many homes is less used than most other rooms and mostly for adults.  Different types include:

  • Sisal – Flat hardwearing and quite hard on the feet but very contemporary
  • Twist pile – this can be wool or synthetic. The most popular choice is 80% wool as the 20% synthetic lengthens the life of the carpet.
  • Saxony – a thicker tufted carpet that is normally synthetic. This needs to be vacuumed regularly or can tend to flatten over time
  • Velvet – a popular look but will show footprints and shading as the pile lies in different directions.


Wood floors can look wonderful and there are plenty to choose from. Hardwearing but can dent and scratch if not taken care of.  Be careful with the more inexpensive woods as they can become more expensive long term. Carpets should be easy to clean and hardwearing with good underlay.


Make sure you choose as carpet suitable for this purpose.  When carpet goes over the nosing of stairs the pile can open and look unattractive. Make sure you use a flat pile or over 40 oz twist pile suitable for heavy wear area and vacuum regularly to keep looking fresh.

The best underlay is a very good investment especially in areas of hard wear – it will always make the carpet wear better and look better from the start


Carpet is always nicer in bedrooms as it is soft underfoot.  It is normal to take the same carpet throughout the upstairs but often the same colour is available in a less hardwearing weight. We would recommend that an easy to clean carpet is used in most bedrooms are there are issues of makeup and spills in these area.

There are now several bleachable carpets which are very acceptable and wonderful for cleaning if you have pets or would rather not worry about the inevitable accidents that happen to us all.

Please do ask us at the Interior Workshop as we have many suppliers for all kind of flooring and an excellent fitting service.

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Many of our new clients have had real difficulty choosing rugs.

They are heavy and cumbersome to borrow from shops to see if they just might go with your colour scheme.

We have found that the best way to buy a rug is to have the flexibility to choose the style, design and even the individual colours that comes with a bespoke service.  This way you can be sure that the rug you take home is the right size, design and colour to fit perfectly into your room.

We work with several bespoke companies that will tailor make a rug unique to you, taking the headache out of searching for something just right.

Please come and see us and ask to see our colour palette of wool samples and designs.

So you are thinking about buying a new rug, there are things which are useful to know.

The latest trends are for hand tufted and shaggy rugs. These two can be susceptible to shedding due to the method of construction. All pile rugs will lose short fibre very quickly when new, which is created during production when the pile is cut to required height. These fibres fall onto the surface of the pile and appear as ‘fluff’. This is a natural process which diminishes over time and is only a small fraction of the total fibre contained in the rug.

Rugs made from wool can fade over time if left in a very sunny situation and is caused by exposure to ultra violet light so if you have a rug in direct sunshine you may want to consider fine blinds on the windows facing the sun.

Protection should be given to rugs exposed to such conditions just as you would protect other furniture or fabrics.

Contact us now to discuss all things carpet, rugs and flooring either at our shop in Woldingham or at your home or place of work.